Thankful for the experience

My experience this summer has been very eye-opening. I have learned the importance and value of truly listening and opening oneself up to new experiences, ideas, and ways of living. I have realized that outside of the bubble of a college campus, there are ways that I can contribute to the betterment of society inContinue reading “Thankful for the experience”

Inhabiting Different Spaces

I created a Venn diagram of sorts of things people associate me with in my different communities. One from my time in the city and another from my time in the town, and I have inserted a picture of it. I feel that before I started this experiment, I didn’t quite identify with the researcherContinue reading “Inhabiting Different Spaces”

Micro and Macro Community Connections

I feel that I have begun to really join a new community. I currently reside in a smaller town and enjoy getting to know everyone, attending city council meetings, and partaking in all of the events. I got to partake in the Mazepa day’ festivities and watch my first tractor pull. Being here has pulled meContinue reading “Micro and Macro Community Connections”

Centering my Capstone: Inequalities in healthcare

The structural inequalities that I have become attuned to since I started my experience in Minnesota are noticing the differences in community involvement in health care in the city versus the rural areas. I am currently living in a rural community and have observed the difference between how community members discuss health in rural areasContinue reading “Centering my Capstone: Inequalities in healthcare”

Day In A Life As A Mayo SURF

I have finally arrived in Minnesota and am staying in a quiet small town outside of Rochester. A typical day in my life consists of waking up at 5:30 AM and having some time to myself of mindfulness and getting ready for my commute to Rochester. Our days at Mayo Clinic start with morning meetingsContinue reading “Day In A Life As A Mayo SURF”

My Time In Bloomsbury

I am currently in Bloomsbury, which is the heart of central London and has historically been considered a bohemian educational district. The environment is truly a bustling city with over 8 million people but with at least 8 million trees to match that break up the city streets and provide a tranquil resting spot for localsContinue reading “My Time In Bloomsbury”