My Time In Bloomsbury

I am currently in Bloomsbury, which is the heart of central London and has historically been considered a bohemian educational district. The environment is truly a bustling city with over 8 million people but with at least 8 million trees to match that break up the city streets and provide a tranquil resting spot for locals and tourists alike. Being an observer of the healthcare system here has been interesting and watching how the community is constantly actively engaged in public health seems to flow naturally. Most people here, especially the younger generations, do their part in keeping their city clean. Staying active is simply part of daily life since the public transportation system is a well-oiled machine. It is much easier to take the tube or simply walk to get to work or a medical appointment rather than catch a cab or drive. Something that has been quite easy about this process is how open people are about discussing their experiences with the healthcare system and their shock when I describe the healthcare system in the United States. Something quite difficult about this process is not wanting to leave and having easier access to health services than I have ever had before. 

Published by andreamm1100

My name is Andrea and I am an undergraduate at Florida State University pursuing a dual degree in behavioral neuroscience and public health in the Global Scholars Program

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