Day In A Life As A Mayo SURF

I have finally arrived in Minnesota and am staying in a quiet small town outside of Rochester. A typical day in my life consists of waking up at 5:30 AM and having some time to myself of mindfulness and getting ready for my commute to Rochester. Our days at Mayo Clinic start with morning meetings with tea and coffee via zoom while my other co-fellow and I are in the office. After our morning meetings, we begin our data collection, which takes a few hours then we are off to lunch. We take an hour lunch break outside and explore Rochester and the different things that the Mayo Clinic and the community offer. After lunch, we return to the office, conduct our literature reviews for the second half of the day, and chat with the other people in our unit until the workday is over.

I work in the KER unit, affectionately pronounced the Care Unit, which stands for Knowledge & Encounter Research, whose goal is to improve patient-centered care. This is done with an interdisciplinary research team that tries to improve care through using shared decision-making in patient encounters.

Published by andreamm1100

My name is Andrea and I am an undergraduate at Florida State University pursuing a dual degree in behavioral neuroscience and public health in the Global Scholars Program

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