Week 2 at MCP

Week 2 at MCP is coming to an end and with it marks the my final days of dive training and my transition into the conservation work I will be doing for the remainder of my time here. I only have two more required dives to fulfill my advanced open water certification which will allow me to dive to a depth of 30 meters or about 100 feet. This is of course with a buddy as it always a good idea to not dive alone. I consider everyone at MCP my friends now and I only see us growing closer day by day.

Timelapse of one of the views.

Yesterday Ethan and I did our deep dive requirements for our certifications where with our instructor Alex we dove to 30 meters. An interesting fact about water and its absorption of light, as you go deeper different colors of light are absorbed at different rates. The first to go is red in the order of ROYGBIV though typically we don’t go deep enough to notice much past yellow. At depth anything that is pure red at the surface appears black at depth. The red tones in your skin disappear and only show white undertones.

A video of a waterfall I came across.

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