Blog 5 – December – Views

I would not say that my view of myself has changed, my identity of who I am as a person has only been further confirmed through this year. I just think I have developed and learned more about myself. I feel more confident in my abilities and I have gained a new independence.

This year was the first time I have ever really made a decision about my future for myself through my own research and not basing it off of other people. Deciding to do a gap year was something I had thought about for a while but was not really sure if I wanted to take time off of school for it. However, I knew I was getting a little burnt out and wanted to explore some of my interests that I knew I would not be learning about in my undergraduate school. This year has not been easy for anyone by any means, but a few times I have questioned my choice for taking a gap year. But now, looking back at everything I have done so far, I can say I made the right decision, which has given me a little boost of confidence in my decision-making skills. I also gained a great deal of confidence and independence through planning this year out. I am the one in charge of setting things up, arranging travels, making sure I have everything, communicating with many different people, and everything else that goes into planning a gap year out. 

My world view has changed this year. Apart from the gap year, just seeing how the world is functioning in a global pandemic and going through one of the biggest presidential elections in the United States history, has really made me question a few things about humanity and our current state. However, through my gap year, a little hope has been restored. I have met and worked with people who are trying all they can to save this planet and to push environmental agendas. I have helped and worked with moms who want to regain the female power of natural childbirth and reclaim the abilities of women. I have read countless letters of struggles families are facing in Oaxaca and how impactful it is to sponsors a child’s education so that they can help their families live a better life. While this year has shed light on many horrors in this world, I have also been able to have these glimpses of hope.

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