Blog #3 – September 2020 – Daily Life

The lesson I am supposed to learn this year is to LET GO. I made the perfect plan, everything was in place. I was getting ready for a two-month trip, through the organization WWOOF, to a farm in Taos, New Mexico where I would learn all about herbs and natural remedies. A week before IContinue reading “Blog #3 – September 2020 – Daily Life”

Blog 7 – Bravery, Kindness, Failures

During my gap year so far, I have been in many different types of situations. However, in this blog, I will focus on the ones where I have been brave, kind, where I have failed and bounced back.Bravery to me can take different shapes, what requires bravery in one person may not require bravery inContinue reading “Blog 7 – Bravery, Kindness, Failures”

Blog #6 – Goal Status Update

I have made a lot of progress with two of my four goals – doula certification/birthing experience and learning a sustainable lifestyle. I am scheduled to attended two births in the end of March and beginning of April. After that my certification will be complete and I can send in my packet for review. IContinue reading “Blog #6 – Goal Status Update”

Blog #4 – October 2020 – Waimanu

By no means am I an experienced hiker. And this trail was a beast: 8 miles long (16 round trip) and 7000 feet in elevation. Steep ups and downs over a huge mountain. And then a mile of really tough switchbacks descending into Waimanu Valley. Six other people and I started the journey on FridayContinue reading “Blog #4 – October 2020 – Waimanu”