Blog #9 – Drean

One incredible person I have met this year is named Drean, an amazing, truly inspiring man. He is the owner of the first farm I went to this year in Hawaii. Although he is old, he seems to exude endless energy. He was with us, working every day and sharing his knowledge. He would often venture down in gulch with us to clear paths for the waterfall, machete in hand. He was moving faster than any of us. It showed me that when you get older, you have a choice, are you going to become homebound and let yourself deteriorate, or are you going to keep your mind and body active. He also demonstrated how important it is to build a community and be involved in it. He started his one-stand farmers market almost a decade ago. Now, it is booming, many local farmers and artists are all sharing their products. When he bought his land, it was void of all nutrients; not even weeds were growing well. He made it his mission to restore it and let it become as lush as the rest of untouched Hawaii. Drean is a man of many stories and lots of wisdom. He has impacted my life immensely, and I will forever be thankful for the opportunity to meet him.

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