Nicholis Perez: Next Gen Hospitality

My name is Nicholis Perez and I am a second-year student at FSU majoring in Commercial Entrepreneurship and minoring in Hospitality. I am a proud member of the Unconquered Scholars program, a program that has allowed me to meet some of the most influential and admirable people I have had the pleasure of knowing. I am grateful to attend Florida State and receive an education, being the first person in my family ever to attend college and have the opportunity. The only reason I am a college student is because I took a risk two years and moved to Tallahassee to follow my dreams. It hasn’t been easy, to say the least, but I hope to gather the skills and knowledge I need to be successful in the business world. I want to own my own restaurant one day, a restaurant that pushes the culinary field into the future to reach its full potential. I hope to change the perceptions of what food is for people to what food can be, making the younger generation understand that Hospitality is a viable career path that shouldn’t be put to shame by another.

I moved to Tallahassee two years ago at a risk, leaving the security I had in my hometown of Daytona Beach for the chance at a better life. I have been homeless countless numbers of times, struggling to make ends meet but pushing through with grit and vigor. Everything I have ever done has been for a better life for my future family so that my children and their children have the chances and opportunities that I wish my Father could’ve given me. Most of all, I am a proud member of the Tech Fellows program and hope to utilize every aspect of what it offers me.  

The initial goal I have for my time with the incubator that chooses me to join their team is simple: I am a tacky, sticky blob of clay and need someone’s skilled hands to give me refinement and shape. Each and every incubator that I have the chance to intern with has mentors that have countless years of experience in the entrepreneurship world, either acquired by strategic wins or crushing defeats. I, on the other hand, am the inexperienced “amateur” waiting to get his shot at the title; the potential’s there, just no one has taken the time to harness it. I hope to meet like-minded people who wish to change the world with their dreams, the same people that know that failure only happens when they give in to the discouraging jargon and pungent stares.

Connections are the name of the game, it’s not about what you know but who you know. I want to be challenged with this internship like I’ve never been challenged before because it truly is an opportunity of a lifetime. My desires take root among the seeds of others who have ideas and aspirations to be someone great one day, coming to an incubator for a rejuvenating source of knowledge and guidance like no other. See, my goal for this internship is to soak in the exposure it will give me when entering that tailored entrepreneurial environment, observing and learning from others who have achieved what I only hope and pray to achieve for myself. I wish for the memories I make at my internship to implant themselves into my character so that my success reflects what I learned all those summers ago, forever indebted to the individuals who gave me the chance to make them.   

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