Nohemi: Growing within My Internship

Nohemi Soza-Acevedo is a 2020 FSU Tech Fellow interning at Orlando’s StarterStudio.

As my 8th week interning for StarterStudio has come to an end, I can reflect back and acknowledge that I have indeed enhanced and gained many valuable skills thus far. For instance, two skills that I have developed throughout this experience is definitely writing and social networking skills. Since the start of my internship, I have been writing email drafts, conducting interviews, and creating write-up content on specific topics each week. At this point, t I have published four of my blogs based on StarterStudio’s educational programming, along with the new cohort of SEED Accelerators.

The blogs have a wide range of topics that include: The New Normal: Opportunities in the Healthcare Space, Delegation Redefined: Extraordinary Productivity and a Unified Team, and Alumni Spotlights. More of my blogs will be released very soon and I honestly couldn’t be any happier. Having the opportunity to not only work behind the scenes as a program management intern but also having some of my work published publicly is a great feeling, no doubt. During these upcoming weeks, I am looking forward to taking advantage of the opportunities within StarterStudio’s new partnership with Groundswell Startups. This partnership is to bring StarterStudio’s Idea and Build stage programming to the Brevard County incubator. With the start of this new program with Groundswell comes a lot of preparation and planning. I am looking forward to assisting in the development of lesson plans and working behind the scenes with this particular project.

For my research project, I am starting to see an increase in cyber-security connections via LinkedIn and I am hoping to have conversations about my research to expand my knowledge on the topic. That being the said, as I have now finished multiple projects with StarterStudio I am looking forward to taking on new projects, learn new things, and form new connections to expand both my knowledge and horizons.  

One thought on “Nohemi: Growing within My Internship

  1. Hey Nohemi, I didn’t know about the new partnership between StarterStudio and Groundswell. It is a testament to how strong the programming is at StarterStudio. I’m glad to read about your pride in the content you have created for StarterStudio.


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