Looking Forward: My plans for graduation and after

Alexander Blanchette is a 2020 FSU Tech Fellow interning at StarterStudio in Orlando, FL.

With the summer coming to an end and fall rapidly approaching, I have been revisiting my goals before graduation. With only two semesters left, I want to make sure I spend my time as efficiently as possible.

To that end, I plan on graduating from FSU after the Spring 2021 semester with a bachelor’s degree in information technology and a minor in computational science. Post-graduation, I plan to work in the cybersecurity sector. After some research, I want to target firms in the state of Florida similar to A-Lign in Tampa. Staying in-state has always appealed to me more than going out of state as I could find opportunities to travel from my job. In addition, I have a lot of family around the state and being close to them is a bonus. My overall goal is to graduate on time with a job lined up.

The reason why I’m interested in A-lign is because of the company culture, opportunities to travel, and ability to move up within the company should I decide to stay working for them over the long term. The best way to describe the company at its current stage would be; a growing company that is still run like a small business. For reference, they just opened up two more offices in Denver, Colorado, and Sofia, Bulgaria. Because they are a cybersecurity compliance firm they constantly have to innovate and facilitate new improvements to keep from getting behind. The constantly changing nature of the job is what I like most about the tech industry as a whole. 

In order to meet the goal of working for A-lign, I have been working to complete three major goals I set for myself back in fall 2019. For starters, getting an internship for the summer was a big focus because I needed more work experience on my resume. Secondly, I needed to join an extra club or organization related to my major. Lastly, I wanted to get entry-level cybersecurity certifications. At the time of writing, I have completed the first and second goals with my internship with StarterStudio and joining FSU Tech Fellows. I am currently working on the third goal and hope to have a certification done by the beginning of fall. Upon reflection of last school year’s goals, I can proudly say I got done what I needed to have done before my senior year.

So, what does this mean for my senior year? I want to further round out my resume by getting more job experience and industry certifications; as well as continuing to build up my credit and finally getting a passport. Overall, I am feeling confident that I can make my goal of graduating on time with a job lined up post-graduation.

One thought on “Looking Forward: My plans for graduation and after

  1. Alexander, I’m glad that the Tech Fellows program has been able to help you fulfill your career goals. I hope it is able to help propel you even further in the coming academic year.


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