My Capstone Project

For my Capstone, I decided to study access to healthcare in Peru. While I have been at FSU, I have grown a strong interest in learning about how people access healthcare and what barriers or facilitators they encounter while doing so. I spent five weeks this summer in Cusco, Peru, volunteering at a shelter forContinue reading “My Capstone Project”

Farewell to My Project!

My experience in Cusco was amazing. While I did encounter several difficulties, from sickness to language struggles, and just being homesick, I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to experience a different culture. I visited places that I have always wanted to travel to, including Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu, and I exploredContinue reading “Farewell to My Project!”

The Spaces I Inhabit in Cusco

While I was in Cusco, there were a couple of main spaces that I would inhabit daily. The first space would be the city center, mainly including the area around the Plaza de Armas. This is a big square with lots of restaurants and shops. During the month of June, there were parades around theContinue reading “The Spaces I Inhabit in Cusco”

The Cultural Environment in Cusco

I am now home from my experience in Cusco, and I have had some time to reflect on the cultural environment and the community there. I think that I did have some culture shock when I first arrived, but over time I became more accustomed to the way of life there. Probably the biggest changeContinue reading “The Cultural Environment in Cusco”

A Recent Story that Resonates with Me

A new story that caught my eye recently was one from the New York Times about a Fentanyl dispensary in Vancouver. I work on a public health project called Overdose Data to Action, and through this project I have learned a lot about harm reduction strategies. These are initiatives that are actually proven to reduceContinue reading “A Recent Story that Resonates with Me”

Acts of Solidarity in Cusco

I have noticed many examples of solidarity in Cusco. Peru is recovering from previously extremely hard times during the pandemic, and therefore there is a lot of solidarity in efforts to diminish COVID-19. Everyone wears a mask on the bus and in many public spaces. To my surprise, people even wear masks while walking byContinue reading “Acts of Solidarity in Cusco”

Week 2 in Cusco: Structural Inequalities and My Capstone Project

I have now been in Cusco for two weeks, and during this time I have learned a lot about this community. Cusco used to be an agricultural economy, but has since transitioned into a large tourist economy. When googling pictures of Cusco, you see images of the beautiful city center, full of museums, shops, hotels,Continue reading “Week 2 in Cusco: Structural Inequalities and My Capstone Project”