Reflecting on my time in Portland

Ending my time in Portland at Tivnu: Building Justice feels bittersweet. I’m so content with the people I’ve met and the things I’ve experienced, but it feels scary and sad to have to move on. These past 9 months have been long, hard, meaningful, and action-packed. I just moved home and I already wish IContinue reading “Reflecting on my time in Portland”

Thinking Existentially vs. Retrospectively

As most teenagers do, I’ve spent a lot of my time thinking and overthinking my past experiences/interactions. Did I say the right thing? Will they think of me differently because of something I said? Is the way I handled this situation correct? For me, all of these thoughts are automatic; there is no active thoughtContinue reading “Thinking Existentially vs. Retrospectively”

Mt. Rainier Camping Trip

Being from Florida, I’ve always avoided the outdoors. It’s always so hot and sticky; there’s no appeal for me. Moving to Portland, I’ve developed a newfound appreciation for being outside. This past Sunday, all 24 participants and staff from Tivnu loaded into two huge vans to go camping in Mt. Rainier National Park for fourContinue reading “Mt. Rainier Camping Trip”