Looking Back 6 Months.

It’s weird to think that it was only six months ago when I walked across a portable stage on my high school football field. After 13 years of state-sanctioned formal education, a pandemic, and tons of planning for my future, it was all over.

Back in May, all I could think about was how scared I was to move to Portland. I didn’t know anyone on my program, anything about the city, or how to use public transportation. I saw myself as a kid with bountiful opportunity, but no idea what to do with it. This feeling, among others, was so scary and prominent in my head. I didn’t trust myself to know what to do in situations that I was new to. I didn’t trust myself to be able to stand up for myself when my gut is telling me something is clearly wrong. I didn’t trust myself to be able to think beyond what is in front of me, and to take everything as a learning experience.

I’ve been living in Portland for just under three months, and I’m having the time of my life. I have learned how to set and clearly communicate my personal boundaries, and to check in with myself. I’ve learned that it’s okay to not know exactly what my future holds, and to find comfort in being able to form my own path to get there. I’m so excited for the next 6 months and all of the things I will be able to learn about myself and the world. I’m so happy the girl that walked across her high school’s football field 6 months ago knows a little bit more about how to take care of herself.

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