Starting TEFL

Since my summer experience is here at FSU, I did not have to adjust too much to being in Tallahassee. One thing I am having to get used to is being here without having much to do. While my TEFL class keeps me busy, it isn’t the same as having a regular class schedule every day. Aside from that, almost all of my friends left to go back home so I have even more freetime. With that being said, the TEFL class is definitely more work than I anticipated. Outside of the Tuesday and Thursday class, I have to complete 20 hours of tutoring sessions and 4 hours of class observations. I’ve been able to figure out what days are best for me to have tutorings and what days I have to set time aside to do all of my assignments. For now, I think the most difficult thing I will have to do is find more stuff to do in my freetime so I can keep busy over the next couple of weeks.  

Photo Description: I am walking to my first day of class! It was some lovely Tallahassee rain to start off my summer session!

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