Starting my Civic Leadership Fellowship

This past week I have been transitioning into my summer experience. I am in a unique position as my fellowship is completely remote, so I find myself having to balance duties and responsibilities within the fellowship with the excitement that comes with being back home for the summer. I have found that planning out the allotted time every week to complete my tasks for my fellowship allows me to get everything done in an efficient and timely manner. I expect that procrastination will be the main hurdle I will have to overcome this summer, but I believe that careful planning will help me decrease the effects of procrastination as much as possible. Being introduced to the responsibilities and duties that come with my fellowship makes me excited to get into the nitty-gritty of my experience. Throughout the summer, I will be planning and hosting classes that teach other students how to successfully advocate for issues they are passionate about on their campus. As an experienced campus advocate, I hope that my enthusiasm and expertise will provide other students with the motivation to make real changes on their campus that benefit all students.

How I feel starting my fellowship:

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