Getting Used to TEFL

Being in Tallahassee still, I haven’t had to adjust to many structural inequalities. One thing that did take some getting used to was the CIES student I am tutoring. Going into this, I expected to be working with students my age and even students who are younger, so, when I signed up to do tutoring, I was expecting to be working with another college aged student. However, once I met my tutee, I learned she is an accomplished lawyer and is extremely well educated in her country of Kuwait. This was a really eye-opening experience because I realized that in English teaching, I will be working with a lot of people who are far more educated than me so I need to be confident in my ability to teach them. 

For my cap-stone project, one idea I have is focusing on English as a global language. I think this is a really interesting idea because English is the universal language used throughout the world for people to communicate. Another idea I was thinking about for my cap-stone would be a linguistic study focusing on language development and language learning. I think this cap-stone would be a good idea because it ties into my major which is Psychology. 

Here I am at my first tutoring session with some of the example exercises I did with my tutee.

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