A week in life at FSU in the summer

Over the past couple weeks, I definitely have gotten myself in a good routine. I like to do my class observations on Monday mornings and then give myself a few hours to go home and eat before I come back to campus for tutoring. On Tuesday’s I schedule my tutoring from 2 to 3 so that I am already on campus for my 3:30-6:30 classes. I like to take Wednesday as a day to catch up on my homework and tutoring materials. Thursday’s I follow my same schedule as Tuesday’s and after class I like to spend time with friends since I don’t have any school obligations from Thursday night until Monday morning. On Friday and Saturday I work on my assignments because the TEFL course has a majority of the week’s assignments due on Tuesday. Then finally on Sunday I take the day to myself and usually try not even to use my computer because personally I need at least one day in the week not to have to focus on school. One thing I have managed to fit into my schedule is getting a charged up lemonade from Panera almost everyday (pictured below!)on my walk to class because the on campus Starbucks has tragically been closed. I like to think of it as my treat for still taking a class while all my friends are already home for the summer….

This is me and one of the many Panera drinks I have treated myself too thus far.

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