Hey! I’m Fabby, and this is my First Blog Post! (yay!)

A Little About Me

Hello Everybody! Welcome to my soon to be diary. My name is Faburla Georges but I preferred to be called Fabby or Fab. I am a 3rd year majoring in Criminology and minoring in IT. I am from the best city ever, Fort. Lauderdale, Florida AKA Broward County, the best county.

My Experience

My experience will be visiting Accra, Ghana and pursuing a Criminal and Civil Law internship for a month. I will be working at a law firm to gain a deeper insight into a developing country’s judicial system and learn directly from local lawyers to gain invaluable experience in the legal field. I will help provide legal support for human rights disputes for people who don’t usually have access to lawyers and can’t afford one. I will be operating in urban and rural locations while engaging with international and domestic authorities and other organizations to find legal solutions.

The law firms where I will be placed have more than 30 years of experience the lawyers are well-known and reputable in the country on all aspects of the law. This program is one of the most recognized legal internship opportunities consistently ranked as one of the most hands-on programs. The interns are assigned to either one or two attorneys in the trial division for whom they are to complete all investigative aspects of the assigned cases.

This will be my first “solo” trip internationally and of course I am nervous, I am thinking the worst things that can happen on the trip but I will stay prayed up. I will breath in all things that go both right and wrong and just take it for the experience that it is.

Thanks for tuning in! Stay Sexy!

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