Hey! I am Bojana!

About Me

My name is Bojana Vukovic and I am an international student from Serbia. I was born and raised in Serbia, and came to the U.S. in 2019 to attend university. I am a transfer student at FSU, Senior in standing, and my major is B.S. Psychology. I am fluent in English and Serbian, and I am currently working to improve my French and Russian language knowledge. In my spare time, I enjoy weight lifting, attending classical music concerts and theater plays, reading classical literature, watching experimental/arthouse and independent production films, painting, photography, and travelling. The four main values I live by are dedication, perseverance, honesty, and integrity, which I strive to incorporate in my life’s work, and all my personal and professional relationships.

Research Project Summary

My main research interests focus on deception in relation to nonverbal, verbal, and physiological cues. Another domain of research I find particular interest in are cross-cultural studies, which will be the focus of my research project this summer.

Personal identity is formed and perceived through the lens of various identifiers to which we feel particular attachment or ownership, such as one’s career, political/religious beliefs, ethnicity/nationality, geographical location, education, and family – altogether fine-tuned through age, gender, heredity, physiology, and the environment (Galliher et al., 2017). Through a series of recorded, in-person interviews with people from all walks of life, I will engage in a creative research project this summer, specifically investigating identity and belonging in relation to family and nationality. These interviews will be conducted in a number of different locations across the U.S., ensuring equal representation of the major regions of the country (e.g., East vs West coast), as well as urban and provincial localities. Ultimately, I hope to assemble these recordings in a documentary format.

Through this project, I hope to illustrate that, cross-culturally, we all share foundational values which make us human. It is my desire for this documentary to offer an interlude to its watcher, reminding us all of who we are, where we come from, and where we are headed. This is to become a story inspired by my life in the U.S., narrated by the people across the country.

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