Hey! I’m Chloe!

My name is Chloe Wain & I am a third-year student at Florida State University from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida pursuing majors in Political Science, Editing, Writing, & Media, & Economics, with a minor in Spanish. I will be pursuing the Criminal Law Internship Program at the Public Defender Services for the District of Columbia as an Investigator. As I plan to become a Public Defender, my expectations are high because of the field investigative work I will be conducting as part of the Trial Division. In comparison to being an Investigative Intern at the Leon County Public Defender’s Office, I will be assigned more responsibility by collecting evidence on their behalf such as locating & interviewing victims & witnesses, analyzing crime scenes, serving subpoenas, supplying exhibits in court, & testifying on their behalf. After conducting research about the Criminal Justice System in the District of Columbia, I have acknowledged a high crime rate in the nearby areas which may perpetuate overwhelming caseloads & lack of resources may present obstacles when investigating leads. I remain unsure about housing along with how I will afford basic necessities based on the minimum-wage salary I will be provided. I was recently a victim of a housing scam on Facebook through the Georgetown Law Sublet Group. I am still in search of a residence within my budget & hope I will find potential options soon. Aside from housing, I am excited about providing effective representation to indigent defendants by engaging in collecting evidence, engaging in pre-trial release negotiations, & maintaining innocence.

Excited to be starting the internship so soon! 🙂

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