Hey! I’m Montse!

Hi! My name is Montse Zeron and I’m a second year majoring in International Affairs at Florida State University. I was born and raised in Mexico City, and I’ve been living in Tallahassee for the past 4 years. As part of the Global Scholars program, my planned summer experience will be as an Anti-Trafficking Caseworker intern with the International Rescue Committee in Tallahassee.

In this position, I will be able to find resources and provide support to those in my local community who have been victims of human trafficking or find themselves in vulnerable positions. I am very excited about this opportunity because Human Trafficking is one of the many issues affecting our community and represents the need for further education and policy to combat human rights violations both here and abroad. This topic is a very important one in the realm of international affairs, and I believe that working with an international organization will give me valuable experience for the future as I find my career path.

I expect to be able to learn as much as I can about the issue, educate myself in the signs and warning of human trafficking, and to be aware of the resources and actions that can be taken to help people who are vulnerable or already in those situations. I am very open to my experience and hope to be able to help in any way that I can. I’ve never been involved with a situation like this– although I may not be very aware of the harsh reality that surrounds human trafficking, I am willing to learn and take action to help prevent and stop it.

I like this photo I took because it represents me at the moment. I think it paints the image of the calm before the storm…finals week. I’m pretty unbothered by upcoming exams and that’s probably not a good thing but I’m sure the stress will hit in around a week.

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