Bianca Noland: Sustaining Company Culture

For my Tech fellows research project, I wanted my topic to relate to my internship
experience with StarterStudio. Before my internship began, I came up with the research question “How do startups continue to implement sustainability practices during expansion?”. When coming up with this question, I recognized that this was a topic that I was very interested in. However, after interning with StarterStudio for some time, I realized that this topic was a little challenging to tie into with my internship experience since StarterStudio is tech-based and works solely with tech startups. Sustainability practices are usually directed more towards startups that offer products, so I decided to go in a new direction and come up with a different topic that better suited my experience.

Bianca Noland, Junior, Commercial Entrepreneurship major

After a lot of thought and consulting with a few different people, I came up with the question “How do tech startups create their company’s culture, and how are they sustaining that culture?”. This research topic is a great question and is very important to tech startups since they have to focus both on the tech side and the people side of running a business. With my new topic in mind, the next step for my research project is to interview tech startups that have previously been a part of StarterStudio’s accelerator program. I believe this will be a great opportunity for me to connect with new entrepreneurs and have a better understanding of the process these startups go through when creating the vision and mission of their growing business.

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