Bianca Noland: Supporting the Orlando Startup Scene

With Orlando known as a startup hub, there is a huge community for incubators and
accelerators looking to help startups succeed in Central Florida. Located in Downtown Orlando, StarterStudio is a perfect example of an organization that actively builds community within their accelerator programs and with the neighboring organizations in Orange county. StarterStudio’s accelerator programs are a big contributor to fostering community. The program’s cohort consistently work together with the help of Bob and Dawn, and create a bond as a group where they become very familiar with each other and their companies. Once the cohort become program alumni, there is still a lifelong connection between them and StarterStudio. StarterStudio strives for the success of their alumni and will always be there to assist them with their startup journey.

Bianca Noland, Junior, Commercial Entrepreneurship

Another way StarterStudio builds community is through Orange County. Orange county helps the entrepreneurial community by connecting all of the startup organizations within the area through monthly events and meetings. It’s a great way for members of these organizations to become familiar with one another and provide each other with recommendations. Additionally, the county also provides many different resources and gives out a generous amount of grants to the community. For instance, with the financial assistance of Orange county, StarterStudio is able to fund the startups that go through their programs and give them that extra help they need to grow.

Photo by Nathan Waters on Unsplash

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