Ezekiel Faulknor: Needs of the Tallahassee Ecosystem

Access to information

Information can be a very valuable resource and is a definite need in my city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. In Tallahassee, information can be hard to obtain especially if you don’t know where to find it. For any entrepreneur that’s the biggest problem. After speaking with individuals at my incubator, Domi Station, they have explained to me that access to information was one of the biggest barriers they see. Even though there is an abundance of information in the city. Everyone doesn’t have equal access to it. For an entrepreneurial ecosystem to thrive information needs to be able to move from one person/entity to another seamlessly.

Ezekiel Faulknor, Information, Communication, Technology major

Business help resources

Starting and running a business can be hard for any entrepreneur. I’ve noticed that in my city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem resources to help businesses are limited. If you are a business owner and you run into an issue that no one in your circle can help with you need an entrepreneurial ecosystem with resources that can help. The more people know there are resources in the community to help their businesses it becomes less likely for them to fail.

Education on how to become an entrepreneur

The last need I see in my city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is education on how to become an entrepreneur. Many people don’t have the proper education and are losing out on opportunities. Having a free public class that explains what an entrepreneur does and how to become an entrepreneur could be a start in the right direction. The more businesses that are created the more jobs and funding will be brought to the community.

Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

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