Daylyn Randolph: Reflecting on the First Few Weeks in Tampa

What is something that has challenged you? 

Moving to an unfamiliar city and starting at a new workplace was a challenge within itself. Like all things new, it is important to adjust and understand what is happening. At Tampa Bay Wave I am being challenged to not only keep up with a fast-paced environment but to understand the language used as well. When I say language I am not referring to English or Spanish, I am talking about knowing the difference between Pre-Seed Funding and Seed Funding or knowing what the word “vertical” means and how it relates to venture capital. Within the first week of being here, my Google search history was filled with words that are used in the Business Start-Up world. 

Daylyn Randolph, Business-Finance major

This challenge not only surprised me but made me come to the realization that every sector within an industry has its own language. I may have thought I was well-versed in business terms because I am a Business Major, but in reality, it is much more intricate than knowing general business terminology. 

What is a need in your city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem?

Tampa, Florida is on the list of the fastest growing Tech Talent Growth  enclaves in the United States. However, there is still a gender equity issue in the entreprenuerial ecosystem realm in Tampa. Although my assumptions are not backed by concrete statistics, based on my observations I believe that Tampa is missing a cohesive environment for women empowerment. Meaning, everyone is pushing for the idea for more women to become founders or get involved in Tech, but it does not translate to the amount of women who are given a “shot” in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Then there is the point of why do qualified women have to depend on people to give them a “shot” for something they very well deserve. When a city has a cohesive enviroment for women empowerment, all women have to do is put in the adquetate amount of time and energy to achieve their goals, not prove their worth as a woman. 

There are many support programs in Tampa, whose mission is to advance women founders and are successful at doing so. My observations come merely from what I have noticed as a temporary resident. I look forward to seeing this issue become a things of the past, and the positive role that Tampa Bay Wave will play. 

Photo by Jesse Adair on Unsplash

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