Introducing Myself

My name is Cassandra Fetkowitz, and I am a Behavioral Neuroscience Major, pursuing a certificate in US Intelligence Systems and a minor in Middle Eastern Studies. I am from Long Island, NY but now reside in Melbourne Beach, Fl. This summer I will be volunteering for three weeks in a Childcare Center in Morocco, followed by three weeks in Italy within the Atlantis Medical Shadowing Program for pre-med students. My summer experience incorporates both, my interests and studies in the Arabic Language at FSU and my interests in pursuing a career in medicine. I expect to be challenged to utilize and build on my Arabic language skills both with my host family and while volunteering with the kids in Morocco. Additionally, I am eager to observe my first surgery in Italy. Overall, my summer experience is meant to address and challenge my dual-interests and goals with the hopes of discovering a clearer path for my future at FSU and beyond.

Published by Warren Oliver

CRE Associate Director for Global Programming

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