Introducing Myself

My name is Sophie Barley, and I am a second-year student at Florida State University from Ponte Vedra, Florida. I am double-majoring in International Affairs and Asian Studies with an Emphasis in Business, with concentrations in economics and Chinese. This Summer, I will be working as a Development Intern at the International Rescue Committee, where I will be assisting with community engagement and outreach. Since I am interested in international relations, this internship will be an amazing opportunity to explore my interests and become more knowledgeable about refugees’ experiences. 

During my internship, I hope to familiarize myself with Tallahassee’s refugee community and research how national identity affects the experiences of refugees. This Summer, I am excited to experience and learn about other cultures. It will be a great opportunity to become more globally minded and engaged with Tallahassee’s community. As for my research, I am fascinated by the topics of nationalism and national identity, and I would love to explore them more during this experience.

Currently, outside of the general description of my internship, I am unsure of the exact work I will be doing. During my experience, I would like to have the opportunity to interact with Tallahassee’s international community and learn about the lives of refugees. I hope that my position will allow me to accomplish this goal. 

Published by Warren Oliver

CRE Associate Director for Global Programming

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