Introducing Myself

My name is Andrea Moran-Melendez and I am a junior pursuing a dual degree in behavioral neuroscience and public health. I am Puerto Rican raised in Jacksonville Florida. Over the summer I will first be studying epidemiology abroad in London. After that, I will be in an undergraduate research fellowship in Rochester Minnesota studying clinical and translational sciences to see how community engagement can lead to clinically relevant outcomes. My overall goal for my experience is to compare how other countries utilize community engagement to impact clinically relevant change in communities. My expectations are that I learn a great deal about Public Health and the field of clinical translation science. I am not sure about how I will feel about traveling so much and how I will be able to incorporate more service into my experiences.

The photo I submitted is related to a medical conference I attended for minority students who are interested in ending health disparities. It is making me excited about the things I am about to learn on my global scholars travels.

Published by Warren Oliver

CRE Associate Director for Global Programming

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