Introducing Myself

My name is Sara Bouhamid, I am majoring in Psychology with a minor in English and I am from Sarasota Florida 

I am going to be studying with the FSU International Program in London, England. While I am there, I will be preparing a literature review for my thesis on identity protective cognition and the role of emotions. 

I hope to apply an intercultural perspective to my research while I am in London. By observing local attitudes on political polarization and engaging with my local community, I will expand my knowledge on my thesis topic from this abroad perspective. As it is also a western country, I am excited to learn about the nuanced perspectives of my research topic from a European country. 

I am currently planning ideas for how I will be able to engage with my local community through ethnographic research. Specifically, if ethnographic interviews would require IRB approval. I am excited to learn more!

I’m using one of my senior pictures in highschool because taking this experience on reminds me of the excitement and anticipation that I felt when I decided to accept my admission to FSU, specifically because I knew that it allowed for cross cultural research experiences! I am finally able to live my dream and I cannot believe it is so close in my reach. I have been awaiting this moment since the day that I took those pictures. 

Published by Warren Oliver

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