Introducing Myself

My name is Isabelle Soto and I’m from St. Petersburg, Florida (south of Tampa). I’m majoring in psychology and statistics. Over the summer I will be a remote youth group leader for the NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). As a leader in the youth group, I will lead virtual discussion on topics related to mental health (or we’ll just talk). This relates to my experience because my interest is all topics surrounding mental health. Mental health awareness will allow me to work with my local community and understand current issues. I hope I can learn from my community and use what I learn to support everyone in the future. 

I expect my experience to be flexible. Because it is virtual, planning my summer around these events should be easy. I will also be able to juggle other task too if they come up. 

I am concerned about my ability to lead a group. While I don’t mind presenting, I usually like having structured outlines for a speech (or a script). I worry that, working as a youth group leader, I won’t have a script. Though there may be times–before meeting–to plan which would negate my concern. 

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