November Reflection on Graduation

Despite feeling on top of the world after graduating, and as if I could get through anything if I could survive high school, I feel much more resilient now. Living on my own as an independent for the first time has presented me with more challenges than I could have ever imagine, but I’ve never learned so much in my life. In the 8 months that I’ve been living alone, I have learned what feels like 8 years of experiences. I could never have imagine myself being strong enough to get through all of the financial, emotional, and physical choices I’ve had to make in the past months, yet here I am. I used to be much more naive then I am now, as well. It’s funny writing that because I feel like at the time, I wasn’t naive, so right now I could be naive and not even know it. It’s funny how it’s hard to gauge how mature you are or how far you’ve come until you’ve experienced and seen more. I am getting better at recognizing growth in the moment instead of father down as I learn who I am as a person more. I have become significantly more mature with a greater grasp of financial stability and what I would like to pursue in school after having months of schooling in nutrition through NASM and working at a health foods store. Taking a GAP year was truthfully the best thing I could have done for myself academically, spiritually, and physically. I will forever be grateful for the experience to participate in this program. At the completion of this project, I am sure I will be so much more prepared than I would have been for college had I not taken this GAP year. To growth! *cheers*

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