Growing into the woman I was meant to be.

There is so many beautiful things that happened this year, none of which I planned on doing when I mapped out my gap year. I originally decided to obtain my certification to give nutrition coaching. However, once I finished that exam and gained self efficacy, I saw a new side of myself I had neverContinue reading “Growing into the woman I was meant to be.”

Becoming A CNC Through NASM

Although I loved the prompt for this months blog, I had something too exciting not to share instead. Finally, after 9 long months of rigorous studying and dedication, I passed my certification exam to be a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. This has allowed me to take on over 10Continue reading “Becoming A CNC Through NASM”

November Reflection on Graduation

Despite feeling on top of the world after graduating, and as if I could get through anything if I could survive high school, I feel much more resilient now. Living on my own as an independent for the first time has presented me with more challenges than I could have ever imagine, but I’ve neverContinue reading “November Reflection on Graduation”