Surprise Surprise!!!

Life is full of surprises. We think ourselves to be smart and adaptable, but we can’t predict everything. One thing I definitely didn’t anticipate about my independent life is how much of a chore it is to simply feed yourself. I’m not one to meal prep, and I definitely don’t have the energy or the time to cook myself a meal every night. I’ve fallen into the habit of eating the pre-made dinners from work, cooking one meal a week and the next night eating the leftovers, with an allotment of two meals out per week. This schedule has helped keep me satiated for the time being. Another thing I didn’t realize would hit me so hard is how expensive everything is! $15 for a salad??? On what planet??? Earth, apparently. I’ve been operating in a minor deficit since moving out, something I anticipated but still hits hard as someone raised to be incredibly frugal.

Something else that I’ve been surprised by is how quickly time passes. Everything still feels quite novel, but then I realize it’s already been months since I’ve left the house. Somehow I feel like I’ll blink and my Gap Year is going to be concluded. I’m going to do my best to be present and enjoy every moment of it, and hopefully I can reap as much out of this year as possible.

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