My Day to Day, Chicago Style

Moving away from home is all I’ve ever dreamed of and more, but it doesn’t come without its challenges. Developing a routine has definitely helped, though. My day begins at 7:45am to the tune of my shrill alarm, to which I promptly snooze untiI 8:20. I begrudgingly remove myself from the sacred encapsulation of my soft sheets and scuttle to the bathroom before I can allow myself to consider regressing back into their comforting warmth. Most days I leave myself little time to eat breakfast, much less apply any makeup to make me look a little less dead. I make a halfhearted attempt to choose a fashionable outfit (usually jeans, a sweater, and sneakers), one that gives off “I’m young but I mean business” vibes. It is important to choose clothing that people will take me seriously in, yet is still comfortable. After a spritz of my favorite perfume, I’m off. I throw on my backpack and rush to hop on the L for my morning commute. I enjoy listening to music or a podcast during my half hour of public solitude (my favorite podcasts right now are Tiny Meat Gang and Power Corrupts, I highly suggest a listen). Once at work, I set up the classroom with the computer and Meeting Owl so that everything is ready before students arrive. At 9:30, I let everyone in and make an effort to greet every single one of them. I like to hear about their daily comings and goings, their grandkids, and most importantly anecdotes about how their in class learning has helped them out in the real world. Sometimes they bring in menus, newspapers, or text messages they need help reading through in the free time before class. I will stay for the class if I’m subbing or the teacher needs extra help, but usually I regress to my office to do administrative work (sending emails, input names into a spreadsheet, making flyers on Canva, etc). From time to time I am pulled from my office to help solve technology problems in the classroom. At about 2:30 I put away all the classroom technology, bid farewell to the students, and head back downtown to embark on the second part of my day. My weekday shifts for a local coffee shop I work at start at 3, and with out fail I’m five minutes late every single time. Time there passes quite fast; I like my coworkers and the menial routine of closing down the espresso bar keeps me very occupied. Once I’m released from my bean shackles I head home and hit the hay. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are reserved for my Babbel lessons, cleaning, and spending time with friends.

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