Strangely I feel as though I am doing very well with achieving my goals. I take a Hebrew class every day so that I can feel my vocabulary growing much faster than when I have tried to learn Hebrew in the past. I also get the advantage of living in a country full of people patient enough to let me practice conversational hebrew. For me, identifying “Bettering my Hebrew” as a goal helped to get me in the mindset that every class matters and helped me prevent zoning out during classes.

I have also done an incredible job immersing myself in the culture here. I still don’t exactly look like an Israeli but I have gotten great at abiding by cultural and social norms while living here. Celebrating holidays in the old city, walking through a crowded shuk, being aware that nobody here is good at driving, and so many other things. Though I went to a Jewish day school all my life there is no better way to really experience Israeli culture than to go and live there yourself. I am so excited about the next months and everything new I haven’t even gotten to yet.

My other goals haven’t seen as much attention yet. My goal of going to a soccer game will be easy once my program relocates to Tel Aviv for the second half of the year. I even have family connections to the Tel Aviv pro soccer team, though I did find myself at a basketball game here in Jerusalem, it is crazy how different the games are here than in America. As Well as my goal to grow spiritually/religiously, I feel I will need the rest of the year to assess where I am at coming home to find my answer, it would be rather hard to make a drastic change now. Anyway I find myself to be satisfied as to how I have been spending my time thus far and ready to continue my journey.

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