High School Self

Back in high school I was a very arrogant student and child. My constant response to most requests or assignments was a sigh or rejection. I viewed myself as a very stubborn but typically correct person, at least in the way I approached life. Meaning I was sure about my stance on religion, my daily routine, my diet, my social life, and my morals. Nobody telling me to act or be different would make an impact because of how sure I was that my way was right. So really during highschool and at the end I had grown a superiority complex that helped me view myself as amazing. For those concerned I was not some a-hole, none of this impacted the way I treated others.

A lot has changed about me since then. I first was a camp counselor for two months which brought up plenty of change. Being a counselor helped me to understand the importance of communication, improvisation, responsibility, and compromise. I was working in a parental position for my 10 year olds and for the first time really felt the pressure of care taking. This meant I was able to learn that my highschool self was wrong, I didn’t ( and still don’t) know it all. I was then better able to communicate with my coworkers and improvise my plans/ideas when needed. Overall at camp I learned flexibility.

Now since getting to Israel I have been doing a lot on my own. I have to be the one to make sure I eat three times a day. I have to get up and out of bed every morning to get to classes. I have to make sure I am doing enough to satisfy my personal needs, on top of discovering Israel and making the most out of my time. I have learned patience with time and myself as well as independence within my daily life.

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