Grace’s Goals!

Move-in day for the Tivnu house is about one month away, and I couldn’t be more excited. My mind is constantly at a battle with itself regarding whether I’m super excited, or super nervous. Over the next 9 months, I want to accomplish three main things:

  • I’m not quite sure what all of my passions are, so I want to explore my options and hopefully get an internship that reflects a topic I enjoy.
  • Interact with Jews that have a similar trajectory to myself (interests that lie in service, politics, etc.) and to build a community surrounding these interests.
  • Develop a sense of identity as a person, and as a Jew in society.

Of course these goals a relatively subjective, so they’re not easily tracked with benchmarks. Instead, I will be taking a lot of time over the next 9 months to self-reflect and look forward to what else I can achieve. To start things off with my first goal, I have already started to talk to the Tivnu staff about possible internship options. I was pretty set on one of the workplaces I could have been in, but I found that there would be too many language barriers. Finding the right internship site is a work in progress but things are definitely moving. For my second goal, I just need to get to the Tivnu house to successfully achieve it. Everyone that participates in the program is a Jew that’s interested in social justice. Making meaningful connections with my peers is where the longevity of the goal comes into play. As for the third and final goal, I can easily achieve this by keeping an open mind. As long as I take every opportunity presented to me and learn as much as I can, finding myself will come easily.

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