My Three Goals

There are many things I would like to accomplish during my gap year, so it is hard to just choose three. But if I had to, which I do, I would say the top three things would be preparing for my future career, volunteering with the Optimist Club organization, and learning valuable life skills (such as taxes, insurance and other boring things that are necessary to survive independently). Although I will be focused on this, I also want to relax and enjoy my gap year. After focusing so much on school, I want this year to be a period of time where I can try new things and enjoy the break from class. I feel that this will give me a better attitude towards college because my mind will be fresh. The thought of going back to school in a couple weeks is crazy. We just started summer a second ago.

When it comes to preparing for my future, there are many things that go into it. By interning, I am able to learn about business in a hands-on type of way. Additionally, it will give me an idea of what I’d like to major in once I attend FSU. To ensure that I am making the most of my time, I plan on working a minimum of 20 hours a week in my internship. I will stick to my gap year plan and attend the bi-weekly meetings to make sure I am on the right course. For the Optimist Club, I want to volunteer as much as possible so that I can contribute to what they do for the community. By raising money through things like Christmas tree lots, the Optimist Club donates to the city so that recreational sports can be offered to families at a heavily discounted rate. It allows for almost every kid to have the opportunity to be a part of a team and play a sport. I have been volunteering with them for years now, so I plan to stick to that during my gap year. Because I’m 18 and out of high school, it is now time for me to have my own medical, phone, insurance and car bill. I will have to learn these things eventually so why not teach myself now with my year off. I will need to make some money to support myself, so I plan on getting a side job to make sure I stay afloat. It is not the most exciting, but it is a crucial part of life. With these goals in mind, I believe my Gap Year will be successful!

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