My Goals

Hey, it’s Erin Lassere! One month later, I am here back again! This month, I have submitted my Gap Year Proposal. In this proposal, I discussed some personal goals that I want to use my Gap Year to accomplish. As a reminder, I will be using my Gap Year to further my knowledge of competitive equestrian sports, so the majority of my goals are, of course, related to horses. Let’s dive in!

My first goal is to prepare for successfully competing at the international level of Eventing, the equestrian sport I am involved in. I have always had a dream of being a high-profile equestrian athlete, and spending a year training with a professional Eventer will, hopefully, push me in the right direction. I have a busy competition schedule for this coming fall season, and I look forward to being as competitive as I can be!

Another goal of mine is to use my equine-related knowledge to benefit others. I plan to volunteer at a therapy center that uses horses. Horses are known to be extremely therapeutic animals, and I want to experience this side of the sport. As someone that has struggled with chronic anxiety and OCD, I understand the need for assistance. If the knowledge I have about horses can give someone that assistance, I would be incredibly honored. This experience will also cover another personal goal: expanding my personal boundaries and meeting new people. Working in equine therapy will be a completely new activity for me, allowing me to expand my horizons and learn more sides of the “horse world”. I will also be exposed to an entirely new community, allowing me to make many more personal connections.

My final personal goal that I’ll be discussing today is business-related. By the end of my Gap Year, I want to be experienced in the management of a high-profile business. This will help in the development of my communication, leadership, and organizational skills, and undoubtedly assist in my hopeful future of a law degree. In order to accomplish this goal, I will be working alongside my riding coach’s business manager. I will observe and assist in activities such as scheduling, horse sales, and dealing with clients. I hope to “watch and learn” as much as I possibly can.

Thank you for reading… see you in a month!

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