Goals for My Gap Year

It’s been a month since my last blogpost which means I’m that much closer to beginning my gap year. The pandemic continues to rage on, but I have hope that I’ll get to achieve some, if not all, of my goals for this upcoming year. 

As I wrote in my last post, my experiences growing up in South Florida have led to my passion for language and people. Because of this, during my time abroad I hope to develop a new language, cultivate a greater knowledge on culture and art, and grow my sort of newfound independence. To do this I plan on applying to an Italian language school in Florence. Attending language classes will not only keep me accountable for actively learning Italian, but also allow me to stay in Italy for an extended period. This affords me the opportunity to both live alone and use my time exploring and experiencing the historically rich streets as well as volunteering and having a hands-on approach to the city. I also hope that during this time I can find a greater understanding of myself and appreciate my creative side that I neglected for far too long. 

Hopefully, by my next post, I’ll have chosen where I will study and began the visa process necessary for my stay. For now, however, I’m excited to begin and anxious to see where the future takes me.

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