Nohemi: The Need to Get the Word Out

The city of Orlando, FL has definitely developed tremendously over the years. As you may already know, Orlando is well-known for its tourist opportunities such as the world’s most famous theme parks, nightlife, and even their outlet malls. With so much creativity and innovation in this particular city, you can imagine how many resources and opportunities it can offer to those who want to create and innovate themselves. However, as an intern for StarterStudio, I couldn’t help but notice how many individuals don’t seem to acknowledge or realize the resources they have in their very own city. From the start of my internship journey, I was told that one of our main projects this summer is to enhance our engagement within the community and our very own alumni. Therefore, being that StarterStudio is the only nonprofit tech accelerator in the Orlando area, it is imperative to reach out to every entrepreneur to begin, grow, and flourish in Florida.

There are many communities in the Orlando area that are simply not aware of the resources, opportunities, and funds available to them. Many individuals in these communities may have a business idea but simply don’t know how to start their business, not to mention where, when, or how to get involved within Orlando’s entrepreneurship community. For example, many independent business owners, innovators, designers, and planners don’t even realize how they can receive training on how to scale their company. For that reason, the need for more awareness of StarterStudio’s programs and others like it strike me as the ecosystem’s biggest need. StarterStudio is working to fill this need by launching this summer an initiative to create more content on various social media platforms to raise awareness of the many opportunities to help innovative solutions grow. The StarterStudio community is taking further action with our summer marketing and program interns to get close to this goal.

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