Chris: The Struggle to Re-Open

Over the past week, I’ve continued working on Domi Station’s reopening policies. With the changing environment, we have had to update everything from future policies to signage. I have also been working with Adel, another Tech Fellow, on the project. In developing these policies, we discussed what signs belong in the incubator such as, a closed off sign for the kitchen, mandatory masks and potential penalties for not wearing them. The goals of these updates are to minimize the spread of the virus, as well as a way to isolate it. In order to open up we had to make sure our policies abide by Leon County’s standards. I gathered research from the Office of Economic Vitality and was able to gather valid data for our own policies.

These policies stated that non-profits and other essential businesses may operate at 50 percent capacity with the appropriate social distancing and sanitation protocols. It also necessary that we operate while adhering to guidance from the Florida Department of Health.  The FDA has provided suggestions that are specific to our workplace. It identifies all areas and job tasks with potential exposures to COVID-19 and includes control measures to eliminate or reduce such exposures. Currently, the space has moved back its official reopening from July 13th since the spike in cases. Hopefully we will have an update on the new date in the upcoming week.

One thought on “Chris: The Struggle to Re-Open

  1. Hey Chris, great job on this weeks blog post! I truly found your post interesting as you went in detail as to what your focus has been while interning at Domi Station. Having to work on reopening policies can be quite challenging I can imagine, however, you seem to be considering all the safety hazards to prevent the spread of COVID-19, great work!


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