Chris: Researching Early Struggles for E-commerce Businesses

Chris Lormeus is a 2020 FSU Tech Fellow who is interning with Tallahassee’s Domi Station.

In this past week, I have been working on my project which focuses on E-commerce based businesses. My research question examines the hindrances that entrepreneurs face when they start in e-commerce. So far, the interviewees reported mostly with issues around keeping up with the quality of products and standing out of competition. I recently interviewed a gentleman who works in marketing for a financial tech startup based in California. He explained that many companies who specialize in drop shipping struggle to be unique whether in their approach in marketing or the product itself. We also discussed the importance of reward programs and social media management. In his position, he has created blogs on trending topics and global topics and use those trends to incorporate them into the business. All while making it seem real and authentic to the consumer.

We also talked about the importance of gathering data utilizing websites that cater to CRM (customer relationship management) data. Companies like G2 or Forester are often used to gather information on products, their consumers and potential consumers. This information can inform how a business may grow. The main issue with CRM data is getting accurate data and clean CRM data. These insights from my interviewees are highly valuable for my project and, especially, the business I hope to launch later this fall.

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