Alexander: Some things I learned from a local startup

Alexander Blanchette is a 2020 FSU Tech Fellow interning at StarterStudio in Orlando, FL.

Working with StarterStudio has allowed me to meet with many entrepreneurs who are working on original projects. One of my duties as a marketing intern is to interview startups who have or are currently going through StarterStudio programs. One of the founders I interviewed was Aaron Burnett at Spaced Ventures. Spaced Ventures aim is to address the lack of funding within the space industry. Up until the last decade, development and innovation were directly or indirectly funded by the U.S government as it was the sole consumer. Over time, as the industry grew, private companies started relying on new technologies to conduct business and the industry shifted from a government-funded venture to a more commercialized business model.  This is where Aaron comes in.

            While talking with Aaron, I learned about him and what he hopes to accomplish with his company. The biggest issue, according to Aaron, is that the industry has a high barrier to entry. Development and innovation cost millions of dollars making it next to impossible for startups to get up and running. As such, Spaced Ventures is a rewards-based equity firm to provide something tangible to those who want to invest in the industry. This project, when completed will allow for two things. First, it will allow everyday people to invest in the companies they choose while receiving fair compensation. Second, it makes it easier for large backers to get involved in the industry by going through a centralized platform.

            Growing up I was always interested in space. To the point where the only books I checked out of the library in elementary school were space-related. It was very interesting to hear about someone who was working in the industry and had even more of a passion than I did growing up. I ended up learning alot by talking with him and it was fun to do so. More than likely I will end up meeting more people during my time at StarterStudio as interviewing founders is part of my assigned tasks.

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