Chris: Developing New Habits and Positive Thinking

Chris Lormeus is a 2020 FSU Tech Fellows who is interning at Domi Station in Tallahassee, FL.

During my time at Domi Station, I’ve had multiple chances for growth while working remotely. I have learned skills that I can utilize as a student and in the workforce. While working remotely I’ve had to adjust to new hardships and look for innovative ways to accomplish them. The most important lessons I’ve learned is time management, networking, and communication. Time management I feel was one of the hardest lessons to get down and is something I am still developing. I have challenged myself to work on multiple projects, enrolling in the gear up program offered by Domi Station, and build a business from the ground up through bootstrapping. I got overwhelmed rather quickly and often felt that it wasn’t worth it to not pursue my goals. I developed positive thinking to counter these negative feelings and started planning my days out. using google calendar.

Separating work from play has also been a challenge. My home has so many different ways to distract me, but implementing these new methods has helped me get on the right track. Another lesson I learned, and underestimated in the past, was the power of networking. I developed relationships with multiple members with Domi to help in my research on e-commerce-based companies. I also hope to use these relationships to continue my networking opportunities and build on the information I learned. I plan on applying the lessons I learn to my own business.  Juggling these tasks have taught me how important it is to communicate when you need help. I feel that my biggest problem is my pride so, it was tough to reach out and say that I need help but once I swallowed that pill; I was able to accomplish my tasks assigned to me quicker and more efficiently. I was also able to clear up any confusion I had on the tasks given to me. I believe if I continue to apply the lesson, I’ve learned over the past few weeks I will accomplish all that I set out for myself.

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