Deborah Olivier

My name is Deborah Olivier (she/her/hers), and I am a fourth year student from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I am pursuing a dual degree in music performance (violin) and environmental science. My research interests include climatology, marine conservation, and musicology based on non-Western tonalities. As part of the UROP program, my research focused on marine spongesContinue reading “Deborah Olivier”

UROP Student Spotlight: Ian Haas

“I really applied to UROP on a whim,” Ian Haas tells me, “I actually submitted the application on the last day it was due, and I didn’t really expect anything from it, but it ended up it has ended up being one of the most engaging activities I have been a part of at FSU.”Continue reading “UROP Student Spotlight: Ian Haas”

UROP Student Spotlight: Nyla Chute

“UROP has really helped me to branch out and be more confident in myself.” Before beginning the UROP process, Nyla Chute considered herself to be a more introverted student who didn’t really know what research was. But it was once she began working on her UROP project, titled “The beauty of Black hair through choreographyContinue reading “UROP Student Spotlight: Nyla Chute”

UROP Leader Spotlight: Amber Dudek

Amber Dudek is a UROP Leader from Fort Myers, FL. She is an Exercise Physiology major and is currently the Leader of the Exercise Physiology and Dietetics section of UROP. She is also involved in other on-campus extracurriculars such as Chi Omega and the Medical Response Unit. Her favorite part of UROP is seeing allContinue reading “UROP Leader Spotlight: Amber Dudek”

UROP Leader Spotlight: Abelardo Riojas

This week’s UROP Leader spotlight is Abelardo Riojas. Abelardo is a junior majoring in Scientific Computing & Statistics. His original hometown is Monterrey, Mexico, but would consider his other home to be Coral Springs, Florida ever since he moved there back in 2005. A fun fact that Abelardo wanted to share was that if youContinue reading “UROP Leader Spotlight: Abelardo Riojas”

UROP Leader Spotlight: Kaitlyn O’Connor

Kaitlyn is a junior majoring in Education with a minor in Psychology. She decided to be a UROP Leader to give back to the program that helped her find her interests and become more involved on campus. Kaitlyn strives to be a supportive mentor to her students. She hopes to be a resource for herContinue reading “UROP Leader Spotlight: Kaitlyn O’Connor”

UROP Leader Spotlight: Gabriela Herrerias

This week, we are spotlighting Gabriela (Gaby) Herrerias, an incoming UROP Leader! Gaby was born and raised in Miami, FL and first became interested in research after takin a hands-on STEM course while in high school. With growing curiosity about research, Gaby became a UROP student for the 2019-2020 academic year. As a UROP student, sheContinue reading “UROP Leader Spotlight: Gabriela Herrerias”