UROP Leader Spotlight: Kaitlyn O’Connor

Kaitlyn is a junior majoring in Education with a minor in Psychology. She decided to be a UROP Leader to give back to the program that helped her find her interests and become more involved on campus. Kaitlyn strives to be a supportive mentor to her students. She hopes to be a resource for her students if they have any concerns about the class or in school in general. She also hopes to help her students get more involved on campus as UROP did for her. 

Kaitlyn is from Naples, Florida! Some fun facts about Kaitlyn include that she is left handed and has her own food blog called lifebykaitlyn (visit lifebykaitlyn.com!). 

Her favorite thing about UROP is that she loves being able to encourage others to find their interests and be inspired. She also loves seeing her students engaged in what they are researching. 

This experience has taught Kaitlyn to not be scared of public speaking. UROP has made Kaitlyn confident and will use the skills in other aspects of her life.

UROP has provided professional development for Kaitlyn as she wants to be a teacher.  UROP has helped her learn how to create bonds with students, as well as create lesson plans and feel comfortable teaching for long amounts of time. 

When asked what to say to encourage a student to get involved with UROP, she would like to tell them that it is a life changing experience and if they have any interest at all to help someone to definitely apply to be a leader because it is so rewarding.

We are so thankful to have Kaitlyn as a UROP Leader! We cannot wait to see the impact she has on her students!

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