Art and Creativity in My Gap Year

In elementary school, my favorite subject was art. I would stay in the art room during recess and do extra projects. I was never exceptional at drawing or painting, but I still loved creating. In second grade, I did my career fair project on an elementary art teacher and I danced for 13 years, soContinue reading “Art and Creativity in My Gap Year”

A Light in My Gap Year

Working in retail, volunteering at a school, and going to a large commercial gym, I interact with a lot of people on a daily basis. But, I’ve consistently felt supported and heard by the elementary program coordinator at the after school program, Ms. Mary Cortez. After I was approved for the volunteer position, Ms. CortezContinue reading “A Light in My Gap Year”

Who was I in High School?

When I graduated high school, I was six months younger, my hair was five inches shorter, it was about 30 degrees warmer outside, and Taylor Swift hadn’t rerecorded “Red” yet. Thinking about these big picture items, it feels like the world has moved on without me. My friends from high school are almost done withContinue reading “Who was I in High School?”

Surprising Aspects of My Gap Year

My gap year has shown me new parts of myself in many ways. Before I started, I thought I’d be happiest going to law school and working in an office for my career. Even in these few short months, I’ve realized I don’t truly know myself. After lots of consideration, I have changed the directionContinue reading “Surprising Aspects of My Gap Year”