My New Life

My life recently has been so different from any other season I’ve gone through. During this time in previous years, I would already be overwhelmed with school work and my body would be exhausted from hours of dance.

As of right now, life is lot slower, which is a nice change of pace. This allows me more time to include activities that are truly valuable to me during the day. Additionally, it lets me see what I’d like to be doing for my career.

This past week, my family and I took a trip to Spokane, Washington to drop my brother off at college. The scenery there is stunning and the experiences we had there were outside of the realm of activities we have in Illinois. Though I still live at home, I want to take advantage of these smaller trips in order to starkly contrast my current life with where I could be living and working in the future. While we were in Spokane, there were many college students moving themselves into their apartments. Though I’m only a year or two younger than most of these people, I felt wildly out of place. I am so grateful to have this year to become more confident in myself before I become a college student. There is still so much I have left to learn, and I am happy to be doing it at home.

On a daily basis, I usually interact with my family at home, see my friends at the gym, and my coworkers at work. This is pretty consistent with the people I was with all summer, so it is nice to have a familiar support group when navigating this year.

My days vary wildly, which I enjoy since I don’t have the monotony of the school day anymore. But on average, I’ll wake up and walk my dog around the neighborhood. It is interesting to see the same crowd of people walking each morning. Then, I’ll go to work, which is the least enjoyable part of my day since it doesn’t have a connection to any of my passions, since I work in retail. Nevertheless, it will do in the meantime. After I get off, I’ll go to the gym for a couple hours. I’ll head home and answer emails before I go to bed.

I am excited to start in person activities and create more of a routine while bringing me closer to my goals.

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