A Day in My Life

The alarm clock rings at 7:30am and it’s time to go to the gym. I’ll usually end up at the gym around 10 after hitting snooze on my alarm clock too many times. I wave to the personal trainers I’ve seen every day over the past few months and start my workout.

After walking (or sometimes crawling if I had a particularly grueling workout) out of the gym, I’ll stop at Starbucks or Vitamin Shoppe for some energy, but if I don’t feel like spending money I’ll get my caffeine at home. Then, my dad and I eat together during his lunch break. My dog will be itching for a walk at this time, so we go out and I let her sniff around the neighborhood. We wave to the man walking with his collie before heading home.

Then, I take a seat at my desk and work on my personal training certification through American Council on Exercise (ACE). The chapters begin with readings from the textbook, then video lectures, and a mini quiz at the end. I’ve found studying material that I’m passionate about makes me more motivated to get my work done.

At about 2:30, I leave for volunteering at the elementary school. The kids get out at 3:15 so this gives me time to set up activities before they arrive in our classroom. First, we greet all the students and check whether they have homework. They are able to play and talk with each other until a teacher calls them over for announcements about what snack we’ll be having and their assignments for the day.

Then, we head to the cafeteria for snack, which they finish quickly in hopes of going outside faster. We line up and play outside until their cheeks are rosy and their foreheads are shiny with sweat. Once we get inside, they start on homework and I help them stay on task and finish on time.

The parents start picking up their kids around 5:45. They sign out on the attendance sheet and the students are usually all on their way home by 6:00.

Afterwards, I rush home and leave with my dad so we’re at self-defense class by 6:50. Then, we have a mentally and physically taxing class and I’m eager to head home at 8. We eat dinner and hit the hay quickly after a tiring, but enjoyable, day.

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